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Our partnerships express some of the companies we believe bring value to the healthcare market. Each company specializes in an important segment of healthcare and together they bring a strong presence of innovation and leadership. 


Optimize transforms how medical groups use technology and real-time data to treat patients outside the practice walls. As the leader in remote care solutions, we help medical groups deliver proactive care that re-centers the patient and provider relationship and improves patient outcomes and their quality of life.

Smartmeter is a cellular based remote patient monitoring company that can monitor blood pressure, glucose levels, blood oxygen saturation and weight. 


The Preventia Coach Approach empowers people to manage habits, behavior, and mental health more effectively – by connecting them to caregivers who are trained in behavior change.

PatientPoint® is the patient engagement platform more providers trust. Our digital engagement solutions create more effective doctor-patient interactions across the entire care journey. From patient acquisition to the in-office visit to hospital engagement and remote care, PatientPoint is there, helping drive better health outcomes, increased provider revenue and a superior patient experience.

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