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Our Services

Patterson Group can help your company in many different ways depending on your size and goals. Our services are meant to create an environment and relationships that allows client companies to grow and accomplish their objectives.


Market Research, Detail Business Planning, and Due Diligence 

Provide secondary and qualitative research of client markets as well as assessment of factors in the market such as operational, clinical and financial outcomes that are required by a companies offering to be successful in defined market segments. This also serves to support due diligence on behalf of potential investors in assessing markets, company position and potential for success in the confirmed market segments.

Market Reimbursement Research

Assist companies in understanding latest reimbursement trends such as Value Based Care-direct payment-model(s) and how these models can be utilized to guide strategy, operations and growth. Provide the understanding of reimbursement codes and use for various care segments. As required develop a path for new reimbursement codes and the methods required to work with CMS and other at- risk providers as applicable to pursue such an outcome.

Interim Executive Management

As a contracted interim executive, supports various organizational activity, implementation of new strategies, new business initiatives and human resource alignment towards its goals. Enhance current business activities through Patterson Group relationships with industry KOLs, payers and provider of care organizations. Goal is to establish a corporate footprint that leads to greater opportunity for growth.

Strategic and Operational Planning 

Enhanced use of market assessment and client user input for strategic and operational planning.  Serving early and mid-stage companies through their transitions of growth. Advise large established companies as they pursue business segment growth (make or buy). Natural out take is acquisition assessments, and implementation to support a company’s growth goals.

Marketing and Sales Development

Support identification of distribution and optimal sales channel candidates and selection. Provide new client introductions leading to new account pilots or closures opportunities (build the business care). Critical outcome in many cases is identification of potential strategic partner(s) to further expand the sales channel, identify joint venture possibilities, acquisition targets and corresponding assessments to support a company’s continued growth.

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